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A modern day woman possessing the gift of leadership, Joh has the capacity to perceive the greatness in people - and the motivation to raise them to exalted levels.

Joh Graney has assumed numerous roles in her life – bank clerk, wife, mother, real estate agent, business owner, board member, trainer, business consultant and coach. Today, she heads up the international renowned training and consultancy business, Joh Graney Leadership Systems.

JGLS specialises in providing companies with business systems and best-practice policies to enhance and grow profitability dramatically and quickly while encompassing life balance.

The current organisation evolved from the outstanding success of her first business. Joh woke up one day and realised that owning a hugely successful company is not what evokes happiness.

She embarked on a pathway towards greater fulfilment, and in her travels, saw parallels between hers and others' experiences in business. She discovered how happiness and balance need not be compromised by the pursuit of success.

Having more than 15 years of study and experience in the arena of achievement-psychology, and as a certified Master practitioner in the field of neurolinguistics and neuro-associative conditioning, Joh has helped thousands of people transform their lives. Her ability has earned her the reputation as a leader with wisdom, who influences others to create lives of purpose, prosperity and significance.

In constant demand as an inspirational speaker and business consultant, Joh travels the world helping others attain greater personal effectiveness. Joh’s philosophy starts with the gifts within each individual. Her systematic approach gloriously unravels that person’s true potential, uncovers their passion, and ignites the desire to use their own gifts to make a difference to their world.

Looking to change something in your business or personal life? Do you need help discovering your true potential or igniting your passion? Contact us now and take the path of happiness…

Joh Graney

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